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Where is the Push Back?

If you watch a bit of television, you may have seen commercials that promote sources of power that are vital to the American way of life. Such as coal, natural gas and the grandaddy of them all – oil. The shpeel touts the wonderful amount of jobs the industries could create if only the dagnabbit gumment would repeal many environmental regulations that have contributed to clean water, air and land over the past four decades.

For example – an ad by the American Petroleum Institute claims how wonderful it is “the deeper you go the more you learn about…” how much Bullshit I’m trying to sell you. Oh, and there is the one, oh, God, its so funny! I can’t stop laughing! Make it stop! The one where the voice-over dude is spewing claims about the state of the art monitoring equipment the fucking fracking industry uses to test water quality. What a killer! I get a stitch in my side every time I hear that. Whew!

So, with all of these spots designed to misinform the public I ask where is the push back from the real “clean” energy industry? I don’t see it. Groups like the Solar Energy Industries Association and the American Solar Energy Society, to name a few, must team up with the National Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club plus others to place ads across all media to be the counter to the pablum puke. The dirty, fossil fuel industry, in my view, is scared and desperate because why would they launch into a campaign of deception if not? Oil dupes the public (Chevron thinks your fucking stupid), coal lies (coal is clean) and natural gas fudges data.

Paul Atredies of Dune said, “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.” The dirty fuel industry wants people to be afraid because fearful people are easily manipulated. Scared people of America! I implore you to wake the fuck up! Take to heart the rest of Usul’s quote – “I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my fear is gone I will turn and face fear’s path, and only I will remain.”

It’s hard to find what not to like.

Choices are all around. What will I eat tonite? Do these shoes go with that skirt? If coal pollutes like those crazy ‘treehuggers’ claim then how come I’m not sick already? 

America’s electric grid needs a redesign to prepare for the new energy future.

The greatest threat to mankind is man.

Could Hydrogen Power Your Green Lifestyle?

Caption - Chris McWhinney starts a small internal combustion engine inside the Green Energy and Conservation Center in Brookville, Ohio June 23, 2011. The engine was modified to run on hydrogen which was produced by McWhinney’s AutoARK® electrolysis machine.

The June meeting of Green Energy Ohio was held on the 23rd at the Green Energy and Conservation Center on the farm of Ralph Dull in Brookville, Ohio. The featured speaker was Chris McWhinney, CEO of Millennium Reign Energy, an alternative fuel company out of Englewood, Ohio.

McWhinney has been actively involved with design and marketing of his AutoARK® line of hydrogen generating stations. The stations use electricity to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. McWhinney’s vision is to have his stations installed in homes, businesses, schools and communities to help each become energy independent and avoid the inevitable price increases in conventional fossil fuels of coal, natural gas and oil.

After the meeting and demonstration I asked Chris a few questions:

1greenseed: Why are you working with hydrogen?

Chris McWhinney: Hydrogen is the most abundant resource in the universe, it make an excellent energy carrier, and it can replace all existing forms of transportation fuel with clean sustainable energy. Most important it will allow for the human race to bottle the wind and the sun for later use and for any energy use.

1gs: What is the greatest challenge for you?

CM: Getting the word out that we do not have to wait, the systems are ready now and we need to rally support both publicly and financially.

1gs: What are your hopes for the future?

CM: I would like to see the day when everything runs on hydrogen made from renewable energy and water through our electrolysis process. As a result we will have built a company that has created millions of jobs globally and has dramatically reduced green house gas emission. By selling the equipment to people for them to make their own energy and fuel we will have freed the world from bondage to energy companies, leveled the playing field and quietly revolutionized our world.

1gs: What would you tell people who want to learn more about hydrogen energy?

CM: Check out our web site at www.mreh2.com and go to see it for yourself at the Green Energy and Conservation Center. The Department of Energy has a good bit of info on their site as well.

The Green Energy and Conservation Center is an education and demonstration facility where people can learn about alternatives to fossil fuel based energy. Wind-turbines and photovoltaic or PV solar electric panels produce renewable energy for use on the farm. McWhinney has installed one of his AutoARK® systems that is producing hydrogen for an automobile filling station.

Green Energy Ohio or GEO is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting economically sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio.