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The Sun Gets In Your House

So I read this the other day and it got me thinking. Yeah, I know, I smell it too. It is not a question of “winning the future” by choosing energy sources from long dead flora and fauna or renewable, clean and green. More like how do I want to live? This is a good time to envision a possible lifestyle in the near future. Take a Solar Decathlon house and add some flow for charging your NEW CAR!!! Gosh, thanks Mr. Carey.

I’ll take this opportunity to make a rash generalization and say that Tea Party people (Are they people? The science they do not believe in has yet to release significant data.) desire to have gumment leave them alone and stay clear as they live their lives. WELL, this is a topic they rant about often so why not offer a means for them to get Uncle Sam off of their backs? They fear the smart grid and those digital electric meters that will allow G-men to monitor home electric use. From how long they have the grow lights in play to the amount of juice they use while operating the printing press, spiting out $10s and $20s.

My answer to their fears is to decouple from the grid with technology AND SCIENCE. I know, its crazy but inovation and research into electricity storage will allow for anyone who can aford paying 5 to 10 grand for a device that will make it easy to disconnect from the central, utility-run, electic grid. Of course they would be needing a few solar panels or may be a wind turbine to generate the electricity for the flow batteries. Having solar panels on the roof just might make them German, forcing them to eat currywurst and wear lederhosen but at least they could swig steins of beer chilled from a refridgerator that got its power from the sun. Uncle Sam would never know.

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